Pensem num desfile mega esperado, lindo e surpreendente!!! Assim foi o incrível show da Riachuelo que lançou nessa semana de moda a coleção assinada pelo ícone fashion Karl Lagerfeld. Muito preto, estampas e acessórios de tirar o fôlego fizeram o público ir a loucura, principalmente na hora do grand finale, quando araras entram em cena com todos os looks desfiladas, trazendo o conceito see now/buy now na íntegra!!! Minha escolha da noite foi Karl para Riachuelo com a cor chave da coleção, incluindo essa t-shirt fofíssima e super sugestiva!




IMG_4102 (1)












// Para ver e comprar!!! //

Reparem nas colagens divertidas…Puro amor!





Com a minha companheira de SPFW – Silvia Braz! ❤

IMG_4100 (1)

…Encontrei a linda Lu Tranchesi!

IMG_4101 (1)

Adoro! Silvia + Camila!

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Mil beijos,


Ph. Higor Blanco

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Será que adoro estampas? Estou amando todas as padronagens da A.Brand que inova e mistura cores lindas num mesma peça!!! Para o 2º dia de SPFW quis brincar com a geometria da marca e me joguei na sobreposição das formas! Falando em criatividade, a A.Brand apresentou a coleção de verão que está de babar… Estampas especiais marcam presença em vários looks que foram tomados pelo tema Havaí, trazendo coqueiros, flores e degradês…Efeitos que juntos tornaram o seu primeiro desfile alegre e infinitamente cool! #amei











IMG_4127 (1)

// Pausa para fotografar com ela! ❤ É sempre uma festa quando estamos juntas! //



Get the Show // A.Brand Summer 2017














Mil beijos!


Ph. Higor Blanco

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What exactly are Values of the Two-Year University.

Advanced education and learning during this country is without delay turning into a necessity in the venture group in contrast to an extravagance. During the earlier the people today who experienced a secondary college instruction nonetheless had the prospect to manufacture a first-class globe for themselves and their households. People days are soon becoming a new dieing coal for the past. On the off opportunity that you just would want to have tremendous getting possibilities amid your life time you will be completely limited by your knowing likely and then the degree of instruction you possess gotten.

The uplifting information is you really don’t will need to have a earn or bust solution with regards to instruction. You can actually begin the process of by building toddler strides as regards to innovative education and learning. About the off possibility that you simply have a very junior higher education in the basic vicinity, this is one in all the right property for establishing your school instruction at any phase in your own lifespan. Most junior schools feature lessons at several situations amid the day and evening, even some on Saturday maintaining in mind the tip goal to oblige understudies of various ages and foundations.

Junior schools besides that present you with a incredible opportunity to initiate your learning mission in a very way which is an outstanding offer far more simply realistic towards natural national than an all out college. These faculties are to the amazing extent worker colleges yet you will discover a couple that let understudies the expertise of residing on a college grounds in a a whole lot decreased expenses than most realistic colleges cost for your equivalent or essentially similar to amazing benefits.

Junior colleges also allow you to examine your choices in the event that you aren’t ordinarily some what heading you wish on your exercising to take with no need of having to pay this kind of a great fee with the treatment. In the event that you understand the vocation way you want to just take you could possibly locate a two-year diploma system that could have you outside of university as well as in a career a whole lot before a four-year program will allow. Over the off chance that that may not adequate information to suit your needs, a huge percentage of the two-year initiatives of study which might be provided within the junior college stage might just shift very easily into 4 yr certification packages at the school stage.

Junior schools give a great get started for a few people today who will be wanting for highly developed schooling no matter if to aid their professions or just to discover pleasure on an individual level in everyday life. One can find a lot of superb assignments in top notch fields and scholarly fields that could be investigated and scientific tests within the junior college amount.

For graduating secondary faculty understudies junior schools aid understudies guide to the alteration from secondary school to school with out encountering the way in which of daily life stun that a number of schools can set understudies because of. You can see there are generally various odds to meet instructive as well as social must have to the junior higher education degree for understudies which might be occupied with searching for following a junior college or university workout.

You must also see that junior schools tend to be fewer demanding to investing almost about putting apart finances and expense money for possibly your own personal university training or even the instructive bills of your respective youngsters. Having them look at a junior university for the extended time then exchanging into a University can spare several funds and give you a small amount of thoughts that the young children are as but accepting an exceptional level of instruction.

Absolutely, to the off likelihood that you’re in search of an astounding high quality almost about instruction you would probably do your self or your youngsters an injuries in the event that you do not glance for the junior higher education alternatives in your own typical vicinity just before dove in and leaping into the faculty method of everyday life. You’ll find that junior colleges usually offer an equal level of instruction for your primary courses that very first and second yr undergrads constantly choose, they are really a vastly enhanced esteem with the hard cash, and they are an outstanding traits for that people who will be attempting to juggle their guidance with family members and operate duties.

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